Saint Petersburg, Miran 2


St. Petersburg, M. Vyborgskaya, Yevpatoriysky lane, 7 liter A


Two independent inputs
Two independent power inputs from the city come with their own step-down transformers


UPS in case of power outages
In case of power outages at Lenenergo’s inputs, the data center equipment will automatically continue to operate on uninterruptible power supplies, which provide at least 15 minutes of time to switch power supply to diesel generator sets


Diesel Generator Set
The data center provides 6 DGS with 2N redundancy. They can start up and reach the workload even at extremely low temperatures in less than 30 seconds

Two PDUs with independent inputs
The server cabinets are supplied with 2 independent power supply beams connected to two vertical outlet blocks, each PDU block has 48 C13 sockets. This infrastructure allows you to guarantee the operation of equipment with two power supplies. For equipment with a single power supply, it is possible to install ABP.



Access control and video surveillance

The data center has a strict access control and round-the-clock security. The premises are equipped with an access control system and video surveillance with the storage of an archive of records for more than 100 days.


Automation of access to server rooms

You are provided with a one-time access code to the server cabinets in your personal account. Using this code, you can enter the protected area of the data center.


Climate control

Cold corridors
The cooling zones of the equipment are isolated by “cold corridors”, which would increase the efficiency of the cooling system


Precision air conditioners
We use precision air conditioners with double internal redundancy, the outdoor units of which are located on the roof of the building.


20-24 degrees
We maintain temperature indicators in cold corridors


Raised floor
The space under the raised floor is used for air circulation and supply from air conditioners


N+1 reservation
The cooling system is reserved according to the N+1 system


We maintain humidity in cold corridors

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