Prague, Host-telecom

The data center, land, and infrastructure belong to, s.r.o. It is one of the most reliable data centers in the Czech Republic. Built in accordance with the requirements for the level of Tier III.



Pod Rafandou 906, 39181 Veselí nad Lužnicí.


Air conditioning of server rooms is carried out by a system of natural cooling with chillers and airtight exchangers on a specially equipped site in the closely guarded courtyard of the data center building.

In server rooms, all the rules for temperature and humidity, as well as for dust filtration are followed.

The Data Center is equipped with an intelligent early fire detection system based on the analysis of the presence of combustion/smoldering products in the air, fire alarms with smoke and temperature sensors located throughout the premises.

The data center is powered by four independent mutually redundant power supplies (input from two independent suppliers with intelligent load balancing, a UPS battery system, diesel).

Switching between power sources occurs without any interruptions in the power supply of servers and network equipment.

The gas fire extinguishing system allows eliminating the source of ignition at the minimum possible time, while it does not harm the equipment. During extinguishing, the gas does not harm the person and allows the working.

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