Novosibirsk, DC Extremum


It’s a 30-minute-drive distance from the center of Novosibirsk and 25-minute-drive from Tolmachevo International Airport to the data center.

Designed and built according to contemporary international industry standards, the data center offers colocation services with one of the best energy efficiency indicators in the region, guaranteed power supply, modern cooling technology, multi-level security, independence from telecom operators and Tier III fault tolerance.


General Information

A modern building with a total area of 1 500 m²with a functional division into office and technological area with different levels of access designed to meet any kinds of customer needs: from a unit to a data hall.


— Two independent power Points of Entry
— N+1 redundancy
— Own substation
— Volvo diesel generator sets
— Modular UPS
— Guaranteed power supply system with ATS shields
— Dual phase-separated power supply in the rack


— N+1 redundancy
— Freecooling with automatic switching to domestic mode
— Two cooling circuits with automatic changeover
— Precision air conditioners Eistorm, HiRef
— Chiller plants N+1
— Connecting chiller and air conditioner pumps to the UPS
— System of isolated hot and cold aisles

Physical security

— Solid perimeter fencing
— Automatic gates
— Access Management System (AMS)
— 24/7 dedicated onsite security team
— Indicator monitoring system
— Restriction of access to cold aisles
— Closed racks with locks
— Early warning fire detection system
— Fire extinguishing system
— Antistatic coated floors

Additional protection systems for your equipment: separate video cameras | special lock (high-secure) | protective cage fencing


— Three independent fiber Points of Entry
— Meet-Me-Room
— Carrier neutrality
— Own DWDM ring around the city
— Federal and regional telecom operators

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