Amsterdam, DC Serverius​

  • ISO 27001, NEN 7510 certified data center colocation.
  • 100% Dutch data center company structure. For more than 12+ years privately owned.
  • Financially healthy for over 10 years. Solvency is over 40%.


  • Steel and concrete constructed buildings, data rooms are built as a box in a box principle. Four data rooms in total. The building itself is fully owned by Serverius (no external parties in between).
  • Amsterdam region area in the Netherlands. Below sea level but surrounded by the new double dyke area (safely outside the older Amsterdam sea dyke area).
  • Build as Tier3 with N+1 and 2N powered cabinets.
  • Default racks and private alley colocation services.
  • Available (default) rack models:
    • Full cabinets: 46U or 51U (extra wide and deep sizes).
    • Half cabinets: 20U or 23U.
    • Third cabinets: 14U.
  • 1.500kg per cabinet maximum load.
  • Scalable solutions, tailored from racks to completely private spaces.
  • Building management system with 24×7×365 active monitoring.
  • 24 hours a day independent client access by personal card + fingerprint + two-factor authentication.
  •  Accessibility:
    • To the Serverius 2 data center: 50km.
    • To the Serverius 3 data center: 55km.
    • To the German border: 53km.
    • To the Schiphol Airport: 82KM.
    • To the train station stop: 1 km.
  • Fully enclosed electrical wired fence with private parking spots within.
  • Loading/unloading area with overhead door.
  • Coffee room, meeting room, flex work desks.


  • Flexible day-to-day kWh electricity pricing (pay-per-use) and long time electricity commitments up to 4 calendar years (by ICE Endex, PPE, OTC).
  • Optional green, CO² neutral, guaranteed Dutch wind electricity certificates.
  • 2MW power availability.
  • Independent/separate power grid of SDC2 and SDC3.
  • 24 hours generator backup guarantee.
  • 1500m2 high-density powered floor space.
  • Power options per cabinet:
  • Full cabinets: 1x32Amp by default up to 2x32Amp.
  • Half cabinets: 1x16Amp by default up to 1x16Amp or 1x32Amp.
  • Third cabinets: 1x16Amp by default up to 1x16Amp or 1x32Amp.
  • 230 volt by NEN 1010 norm.
  • Periodic inspection with additional thermal checkups.
  • 10+ years of 100% uptime by 2N power.

Fire protection

  • HSSD fire detection systems and optical smoke sensors and smoke lasers.
  • Fire suppression systems:
    • FirePro®/IG55.
    • 30-minute fire-resistant walls.
    • Portable CO² & Foam extinguishers.


  • Cold corridor cooling concept.
  • Constant temperature: 25°C (+/- 3°C). Using indirect free cooling.
  • Power usage effectiveness (PUE) 1.2.
  • N+1 cooling redundancy.


  • Carrier-neutral data center.
  • Meet-Me-Room: Carriers are divided into separate rooms.
  • Direct access to peering platforms SpeedIX, AMS-IX, and NL-IX.
  • Redundantly connected by private dark fibers to SDC2, SDC3, and other Amsterdam data centers.
  • Fiber connectivity: British Telecom, KPN, Relined, Eurofiber, etc.
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