Moscow, DC 3data

Data Center is located in close proximity (800 m) to one of the main points of Internet traffic exchange points in Russia – namely MMTS-9 (M9). It can be used as an alternative or to expand its capacity.



  • Commissioning – December 2015
  • Level – Tier 3
  • Each rack space is equipped with two independent power lines of up to 5.5 kW or more each. Both lines run through reserved lines according to N+1 scheme UPS devices
  • The UPS devices are powered by 2 independent power inputs
  • Diesel-generator unit (DGU)
  • Cable-distributive device equipped with automatic transfer switch (ATS) and provides automatic switching between inputs, as well as switching to a DGU in case of disconnection of both inputs
  • Connection of all structures and equipment of the data center to a single earthed-circuit
  • Cabinet type precision air conditioners. reserved by N+1 schemes
  • Hot and cold corridors are arranged to improve cooling efficiency
  • Automatic gas fire extinguishing system
  • Video surveillance system
  • Biometric access control system (using fingerprint access)
  • Three levels of access:
    • Level 1: Access to the data center for 3data employees
    • Level 2: Access to a particular area for specific experts
    • Level 3: Access to a particular rack
  • If necessary, racks are equipped with individual access control systems and individual video surveillance of any zones as well as restriction of physical access to the racks
  • Integrated monitoring systems provide continuous monitoring of all parameters: power supply, temperature and humidity, the state of fire-fighting systems, communication channels and server equipment, video surveillance and access control data. When the parameters exceed the permissible values ​in any zone, an automatic notification is immediately forwarded to 3data, who will act accordingly
  • Separate space for passive optical distribution frame
  • Two independent fiber optic inputs
  • Client can get communication channels from any operator or 3data. We have our own network equipment. Connecting to the Internet is reserved through a number of operators on the basis of our own Autonomous System (AS, autonomous system) and the range of provider-independent addresses (PI, provider independent)
  • Direct optical fibers from any point of the city, as well as dedicated channels
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