Helsinki, DC Creanova

Oy Creanova Hosting Solutions Ltd. (CreaNova data Center) started its activity in 1996.
The main activities are: equipment placement and rental services, hosting, domain registration, system administration and web development, monitoring, creation and support of cluster systems.
At the moment, the data center (Tier-II+ class) is designed for 60 open server racks and is located on an area of 350 meters. The bandwidth of the channels is more than 100 Gbit/s.
The CreaNova network has the ability to directly exchange traffic with all major Russian Internet service providers by connecting to the largest Russian and foreign traffic exchange points.
The server room air conditioning system is based on two precision air conditioners from Climaveneta (Italy) with a lower supply and an upper air intake. The air conditioners operate according to the N+1 scheme alternately, providing 100% redundancy.

Reliable Hardware

Only the most famous hardware brands (HP, DELL, Supermicro).


Unlimited traffic

The data center is connected to communication channels (Recent, Hurricane Electric, Suomicom) with a total bandwidth of > 100 Gbit/s

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