Belgrade, BeotelNet

Beotel Net, today one of the leading telecommunications companies in Serbia, began its work on February 26, 1996 as one of the pioneers of providing Internet services in the territory of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Beotel Net, as the company that conducted international Internet communication here for the first time, acts in the spirit of caring for customers, striving to make the Internet, digital television, and fixed telephony closer to everyone, in accordance with their desires and capabilities.

In addition, over the years, BeotelNet has established stable partnerships with global IT industry leaders such as Microsoft, and provides its users with modern hosting and data center services that are maximally adaptable for business users.

BeotelNet provides a high-quality Internet connection at speeds up to 1 Gbit/s with a constant connection, optical and wireless, as well as via xDSL.

In order to strengthen its position in the domestic telecommunications market, BeotelNet has in previous years directed its business policy towards expanding its network of business connections through mergers with the following companies: NSPoint.Net , and Sinfonika, Beonet.


Belgrade, 37 Voivoda Misic Boulevard

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